About Us

The Beginning of Our Business

We are a family-owned business, going into our 3rd generation. George Wacker, an entrepreneur, worked in many businesses. He owned an upscale restaurant in Mantua called The Hillcrest, and owned one of the first modern gas stations in the 1940s. On the same site, he also created the first indoor miniature golf course. Always trying to find a way to make a living, he decided to start buying or picking up unwanted furniture and unusual items and found that the public had an interest and need for this type of business.
George and his son, Ray, began this venture in 1947 while both were holding other jobs. They soon discovered the demand was great enough to devote their full attention. Harry, the youngest of the family, soon joined in the partnership. Many family members have worked here—cousins, uncles, and grandchildren. We are beginning the 3rd generation, and we hope to continue the tradition of serving the South Jersey area with quality used merchandise and affordable new furniture for years to come.